nevergrowupp (nevergrowupp) wrote in sekaific,

Between hell and heaven [01/?]

Title: Between hell and heaven
Fandom(s): Sekai, KaiHun
Characters: Sehun, Kai
Pairing(s): SeKai, KaiHun
Rating: NC-17, M
Summary: When he smiles, he doesn’t smile to me. When he’s gentle, I’m not the one he’s gentle with. When his eyes are full of life, I’m not the reason. Glacial touches, black glances, absent feeling, amused smirks and ignorance is all that I receive; those along with his svelte body glowing under the moonlight when I passionately explore and adore every inch of him.
Genre: Romance, Alternate Universe, Smut, Fluff, Drama, War
Length: Chaptered

Notes:  Based on Vampire Knight

Chapter 1/?
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