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Won't Let Go (SeKai)

Title: Won't Let Go
Pairing: Sekai
Author: monick87
Length: 1/?
Genre: AU
Warnings: Angst, hurt/comfort, minor character death, HIV, trigger warning, unbeta'ed.
Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: I do not own SeKai nor EXO.
Summary: Jongin likes Sehun. Sehun likes Jongin. Sehun lives with HIV. Jongin doesn't really know what to do.

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Between hell and heaven [01/?]

Title: Between hell and heaven
Fandom(s): Sekai, KaiHun
Characters: Sehun, Kai
Pairing(s): SeKai, KaiHun
Rating: NC-17, M
Summary: When he smiles, he doesn’t smile to me. When he’s gentle, I’m not the one he’s gentle with. When his eyes are full of life, I’m not the reason. Glacial touches, black glances, absent feeling, amused smirks and ignorance is all that I receive; those along with his svelte body glowing under the moonlight when I passionately explore and adore every inch of him.
Genre: Romance, Alternate Universe, Smut, Fluff, Drama, War
Length: Chaptered

Notes:  Based on Vampire Knight

Chapter 1/?
Title: Hanging onto the melody on your fingertips.
Pairing: Jongin/Sehun.
Rating: PG-13.
Genre: Romance, Arranged Marriage!au, Friendship, Slice of life, Strangers to Friends to Lovers!au, Fluff, Drama.
Warnings: Smut in future chapters, past!Jongin/Taemin.
Length: Chaptered.
Word Count: 1555.

Sometimes life gives you unexpected gifts.
Title: The milky way at the back of those eyes, don’t let it darken. (Hey… I love you.)
Pairing: Jongin/Sehun.
Rating: PG-13.
Genre: High School!au, Romance, Fluff (so much fluff).
Warnings: Baddly written, a weird adorable bratty Sehun (but Jongin oh so likes him), so much fluff it gives you cavities, cheesiness, terrible references at GoT.
Length: One Shot.
Word Count: 2,540w.

When he got in the building he heard a crush inside one of the classrooms and being the curious guy he was Jongin opened the door.

That Is You - Chapter 1

That Is You
Author: kimheechulmiki
Pairing:  EXO Oh Sehun/Kim Jongin  & Byun Baekhyun/Park Chanyeol
Rating: R (Character death)
Length: chaptered
Disclaimer: This is fiction and its mine. I don’t own EXO.
Summary: Oh Sehun’s husband, Kim Jongin went missing on their wedding night and everyone but Sehun believes that he’s dead. Three years later Sehun meets a man who reminds him of his Jongin, but this man’s name is Kai and has no recollection of Sehun.
A/N: This is loosely based on my DBSK fic Holding Back The Tears.

chapter 1

Of Cupid Wings & Pink Things

Title: Of Cupid Wings & Pink Things
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Sehun/Kai
Word Count: 5390w~
Summary: Sehun honestly can't think of a better way to reward his boyfriend than to dress up as Cupid. After seeing his outfit, Jongin can only agree.
A/N: Originally written for bottomsehun.


you cross my mind (so stay with me)

title: you cross my mind (so stay with me)
pairing: Sehun/Jongin, side!Chanyeol/Baekhyun
rating: R
length: 23k words
summary: Jongin hates weddings, so he never expected to fall in love in one.
warnings: cheating

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Title: Teardrops In The Rain
Author: XSehunsLullabyX
Pairing: SeKai/KaiHun
Rating: NC-17
Length: 4 chapters
Warnings: Sadness?
Genre: AU, Angsty Romance, Smut
Summary: He wanted it to mean everything… to both of them.
Previous Chapters: One, Two, Three

Author Scribble: Chapter three. God… I didn't update in, like, a year. ^^; I got busy -and preoccupied with Oh Sehun- and if one of my surprise readers (surprise, cause, wow. People read it??) hadn't hit me on IG, asking when I'd update, I don't know if I ever would have. So, one chapter to go. Let's hope it doesn't take another year. >.>

P.S. Don't listen to Adele when you're typing a hard scene. *hic*

Love was pure and earnest, not selfish and self-serving.Collapse )